Donating a car in MA has been made easy. So, if you live in Massachusetts and have been thinking of how to go about the process of donating your car, follow this guide to get the details. All that you need to know about how to donate a car in MA has been clearly explained in this article.

Car donations are some of the ways that charity organizations in the United States get funds to carry out projects and help low-income earners in the country. Hence, there are lots of car donation companies around. In past years, thousands of car donations were received by prominent charities and there are records of judicious use of such funds.

So, if you live in major cities like California, New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, etc, here is how to go about the donation process. Continue reading to donate cars in MA.

Can I Donate Cars In MA?

Yes, you can donate your car in MA so you do not have to worry about taking the car to any other city for the purpose of donation. This is because there are many charities and car donation organizations located in MA that are readily available to receive your donation at any time. Therefore, if you are ready to donate your car for any purpose, read on to see how it works and how to go about it.

How Does Donating A Car In MA Work?


Like it is done in other cities of the United States, car donation in MA is an easy but lengthy process. It involves locating the right car donation firm in the city. You can find them by asking around you or on the internet. These firms partner with Charity organizations to raise funds to help the less privileged. So, when you donate a car to any of them, the cars are auctioned or sold at lower amounts and the funds are used to carry out humanitarian projects in the community.

In cases when the car can not be sold due to age or damage, some of its parts are salvaged and sold. The Charity can also decide to keep some vehicles for personal use. And the good news about it is that you will also get some benefits from donating your car. Now that you have seen how it works, let’s see how to go about the donation process below.

How To Donate Car In MA


As we noted above, the donation process is quite easy. Take the following steps and in a short time, you might have successfully completed the process.

Step 1: Visit The Car Donation Company

First of all, you have to visit the donation firm that you wish to donate to. Many of these firms have offices in Massachusetts. However, you might need to visit their websites because the remaining activities would take place online.

Step 2: Find A Reliable Charity

On the website of the firm, you will be presented with many Charity organizations to donate to. Before you go ahead to choose any, do detailed research about their activities to ensure that they do what they claim to do. This is necessary because there are many scam charity organizations out there.

Step 3: Select A Charity To Donate To

If you are convinced about the activities of the charities, you can now go ahead and select anyone that you want. This will lead you to the next stage.

Step 4: Fill Out The Car Donation Form

The form is available on the internet as well. Although, some firms can provide you with a hard copy when you visit their offices. On the form, you will be asked to fill out information about yourself and your car. Some of these details include your name, address, phone number, email address, etc.

You will enter your car details such as its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), make, model, year, etc. Some websites will demand a photograph of the car as well. You might also be required to fill out other forms depending on the firm and the situation of the car.

Step 5: Schedule A Pickup Time

After completing the form, you will be asked to select a convenient date and time when the car will be picked up. The company will work with your time and send a towing van to pick it up. All you have to do is take it to an accessible place such as a garage, on the street, and so on. This service is free of charge.

Can I Track My Car Donation In MA?


Yes, you can track your car donation after it has been towed by the company. This is necessary especially, if you intend to get a tax deduction or tax credit from the donation. Hence the tracking will help you know how much it was sold and how much tax deduction you will get.

To track your vehicle donation status, get your Donor Console from the charity when you donate the car. It is usually sent to the email address that you fill out on the donation form.

Where Can I Donate Cars In MA?

If you want to donate cars in MA, it is advised to look out for the best places because many scam companies exist on the internet. Below are some of the best places to donate your car in MA.

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • American Cancer Society
  • Boston Children Hospital
  • ALS Association
  • Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program
  • Wbur Boston News Station.
  • Make-A-Wish Car Donation.

What Other Vehicles Can I Donate In MA?

Apart from cars, you can also donate other types of vehicles in MA. Most organizations accept other types of vehicles including motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, trucks, vans, and so on. It is best to check out the type of vehicles that are accepted by the car donation company before you fill out the form. This information is usually contained in the website of the company.

Benefits Of Donating A Car In MA

The following are some of the benefits of donating a car in MA

  • It helps to encourage the works of charity organization
  • It is a way of putting smiles on the faces of the less privileged.
  • It is an easy way to get rid of your car
  • Donating a car is a fast way of getting buyers.
  • Donating a car in MA is another way to get tax deductions or credits.

Can I Get A Tax Deduction When I Donate A Car In MA?

Yes, there is a provision for those who want tax deductions for donating a car. There is a formula for this. To get this done, you will be required to fill out additional forms showing the price that the car was sold for or its Fair Market Value.


Now you can see that it is easy to donate a car in MA. This article has provided you with various options to donate with and has also shown you the steps involved in donating a car. I hope this article has been of help to