Donating a car is one of the best ways to positively influence your community and receive some benefits. Are you interested in getting rid of an old, unwanted, or broken-down vehicle? If yes, then I have good news for you. You can now do that easily with just a few steps. In this article, we will see how to donate car to a charity California. You will also see its benefits as well as how the entire process works.

There is great joy in serving humanity and putting smiles on the faces of less privileged people. Service to humanity can be done in several ways and donating cars to charity is one such way. According to Forbes, millions of dollars were generated from car donations in 2023. Therefore, if you are in California and need to donate your car to charity, read this article to learn how to go about it.

Can I Donate A Car To Charity In California?

Of course, yes, you can donate your cars to charity in California. There are several organizations that will link you up with the right charity foundation where the car can be donated. These foundations in turn will then repair the vehicles and give to those in need or sell them and use the proceeds to fund charity works.

Here is more to it, in California, you do not have to donate only cars. This is because other types of vehicles are accepted. Hence if you have trucks, boats, motorcycles, RVs, jets, etc, it will interest you to know that Charity needs them. Join us in the next paragraph to see how it works.

How Does Donate Car To Charity California Work?


As we mentioned earlier, the process is very easy when you meet with the right car donation firm. You will see some of them as we proceed in this article. Here is how it works, simply work up to or contact the firm in charge of car donation near you. Tell them that you wish to donate your car to charity. They will process the necessary documents, inspect the car, and if need be give you some benefits attached to it.

I know you would like to know what will be done with your donated car. This is where charity comes into the game. The car will either be auctioned at a very affordable rate for low-income people, or some parts of it will be salvaged and sold. The money gotten from this will be used to support programs that will help members of the local California community. So, you see that when you donate your car to charity in California, you are indirectly helping the members of the local community.

How To Donate Car To Charity California

Take the following steps to donate your car to charity in California.

Step 1: Make A Detailed Research

This is the first step to take. Browse through the internet and ask others around you for legitimate organizations. This is because many scammers masquerade as legitimate organizations. Donating to such organizations does not in any way benefit charity. Most of these scam organizations pose as Wish Organizations or Kids Charity when in the real sense, there are neither any kids nor do they grant the wish of anyone.

Step 2: Choose A Charity Organization

After the research, pick a few legit organizations and choose the one to donate with. To choose, go through the work that these charities have done in the community. Most times, the most popular ones on billboards are not the best. So, insist on real-life evidence before choosing the charity of your choice.

Step 3: Fill Out A Car Donation Form

You will be given a car donation form by the organization. In the form, you will be asked for basic details about your car including its VIN, year, make, model, mileage, and condition. You will also be given the option of taking photos of the car and sending them across if you are filling out the form online. Fill out all the information correctly for proper documentation.

Step 4: Fix A Car Pick-Up Time.

In your car donation form, you will also enter the address to pick up the car. The organization will then contact you to fix a date and time to pick it up. Most times, a towing van will be assigned to do that. You will pick a time that is most convenient for you. Interestingly, this is done at no cost. So you do not have to pay any money to tow your car if you are donating it to charity in California.

Where Can I Donate a Car To Charity California? Best Car Donation Charities In California

As we noted above, proper research is needed to determine the best charity before moving ahead with your car donation. We have, however, made the process easy by listing the best car donation charities in California for you. See them below.

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • KCLU
  • San Francisco SPCA car donation.
  • Special Olympics.
  • Goodwill Car Donation,
  • American Cancer Society, etc.

How To Know The Best Car Donation Charity In California


Here are a few tips to know whether a car donation charity is legit or not.

  • Check when it was founded
  • Read reviews about it on Better Business Bureau, Reddit, and other review websites on the internet.
  • Check the charity work that has been done in the community by that organization.
  • Check the transparency of the organization, especially on their websites.
  • Check the customer care responsiveness of the company.

Why Should I Donate a Car To Charity California?

The following are some reasons why you should donate your car to charity in California or any other place in the US.

  • It is a way to promote the works of charity organizations in your community.
  • It is a means of providing vehicles for charities to use especially, if the vehicle is new.
  • Donating a car to charity helps to write off your tax healthily.
  • It saves you the stress and hassles of selling off the car yourself.

Can I Track My Car Donation?

Yes, you can track your car donation after it has been towed. Here is where you can easily detect a scam donation organization because most of them do not have this clause. If the organization is legit, you will receive a message or an email giving you access to your Donor Console after the submission of your donation form. From the Donor Console, you can track your car donation.

Can I Donate A Car To Charity In California Without A Title?


Donating a car to charity requires a title but if you can’t find your title, get a Reg 262 and Reg 227 from your local DMV office. Most organizations accept this.

Can I Donate A Car That Hasn’t Passed Smog In California?

Yes, your car does not need to pass a smog test for it to be donated to charity.


Now you can see that your car donation will go a long way to benefit your community and yourself. Follow the steps explained in the article to donate car to charity in California as soon as possible.