Understanding Fastweb Scholarships

If you’re looking for help paying for college, Fastweb is an incredibly valuable free resource you’ll want to utilize. Fastweb is the premier online scholarship database, with over 1.5 million scholarships worth over $3.4 billion available in their database.

Since their founding in 1996, Fastweb has helped connect millions of students to both big and small scholarship opportunities. Whether you’re in high school, currently an undergraduate, going for your graduate degree, or even taking some continuing education classes, Fastweb has scholarships available to assist students at all levels.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll share tips and strategies for maximizing your success in winning Fastweb scholarships.

What Is Fastweb?

Fastweb is a free online database where students can search for available scholarships based on their background, skills, interests, and other criteria. By creating a profile and completing a personal questionnaire, Fastweb’s database will match you to relevant scholarship opportunities you may qualify for.

In addition to private scholarship listings, Fastweb also provides information on federal and state aid, college resources, jobs and internships, and other tools to help pay for your education.

Benefits of Using Fastweb

One of the biggest advantages of Fastweb is the ability to search their enormous database of over 1.5 million scholarships from a simple, centralized platform. This saves you the hassle of tracking down scholarships individually from countless organizations.

With the matching capability of their profile questionnaire, you’ll be able to uncover scholarships you may not have even known existed that relate to your specific background and situation. Fastweb’s database can help connect you to niche opportunities.

Fastweb is also completely free to use for students – there are no paid “premium” listings or fees to access their database. This makes it highly accessible for any student looking for help paying for college.

How to Create an Account and Get Matched With Fasrweb Scholarship

1. Go to fastweb.com and click “Create An Account”

2. Fill out the registration form with basic details like name, address, date of birth, high school, and when you plan to attend college.

3. Next, complete the optional questionnaire by answering a series of background questions related to:
– Demographic info (race, religion, family details)
– Academics (GPA, test scores, major/interests)
– Extracurricular activities
– Special circumstances (disabilities, military status, etc)

The more details you provide in this questionnaire, the better Fastweb can match you to scholarships you may qualify for based on specific criteria, skills, interests, or affiliations.

4. Create logins for a username and password, and enter your email to get started!

After completing this process, Fastweb will provide an initial list of potential scholarship matches for you. You can sort by amount, due date, or other filters to find relevant opportunities.

Tips for Finding Scholarships on Fastweb

• Check the “My Matches” section frequently as new scholarships are continuously being added
• Sign up for Fastweb email alerts to get notified of new matches that meet your profile criteria
• Set search filters by amount, due date, or other preferences to narrow down options
• Review full listings details carefully to confirm you meet all eligibility requirements before applying
• Create a priority list of scholarships to apply for based on amount, likelihood of winning, and time invested
• Favorite scholarships you’re interested in to make a personalized list
• Update your profile regularly to improve accuracy of matches as things change

In addition to the main database search, Fastweb also has other tools like college resources, job listings, and a financial aid guidance section that can be helpful in funding your education.

Strategies for Winning Fastweb Scholarships

Creating a Fastweb profile and applying for scholarships is free, so it’s a no-brainer to take advantage of this platform. However, the competition for popular, high-value scholarships can be fierce with thousands of applicants. To increase your odds of earning Fastweb scholarships:

• Focus on scholarships where you truly fit the eligibility criteria rather than trying to bend the rules
• Apply for as many suitable scholarships as possible – don’t just target to top awards
• Pay close attention to all requirements and instructions, following them precisely
• Give yourself plenty of time – don’t wait until the deadline which could result in a rushed, sloppy application
• Customize essays and personal statements to each individual scholarship, rather than submitting a one-size-fits-all response
• Line up strong, specific recommendation letters when required
• Follow all formatting guidelines for essays, resumes, and other uploads
• Triple check for spelling, grammar, accuracy of all information
• After submitting, follow up to ensure application was received
• Above all, be persistent and continue to apply each year as many times as possible!

Fastweb’s Lasting Impact Scholarship Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it – the numbers speak for themselves on the impact Fastweb has had in helping students earn scholarship funding. Each year, Fastweb publishes data and success stories on the scholarship winnings of their members.

In the 2019-2020 year alone, Fastweb helped nearly 175,000 students earn over $1 BILLION in scholarships. Check out these incredible success stories from real Fastweb members:

• Lisa F. from Pennsylvania used Fastweb to match with college major and personal interest scholarships, ultimately earning $56,000 towards her biology degree.

• Anthony R. from Chicago earned $15,350 for his college tuition through scholarships found on Fastweb that matched his background and hobbies.

• Halie B., a single mom from California, was able to pay for her entire $13,900 tuition for the year using scholarships she found through Fastweb’s database.

With dedication and by utilizing Fastweb’s resources, thousands of students just like you are making their dream of an affordable college education a reality.

Make the Most of Your Fastweb Experience

Fastweb has been a pioneer in the scholarship space, helping match countless students to funding sources over the last two decades. By spending some time creating a detailed profile and then frequently searching and applying through their database, you’ll open the door to a world of new scholarship opportunities.

The key is to be diligent and persistent in the process. Apply for as many scholarships as possible, renew and update applications each year, and dedicate time to submitting high-quality materials that set you apart from the competition. While it does take work, getting college paid for through scholarships is incredibly rewarding and worth the investment.

Leverage the power of Fastweb’s scholarship database and get one step closer to reaching your college dreams.


With over $3.4 billion in scholarship money available in their database, Fastweb provides an invaluable free resource for students looking to fund their college education. By taking the time to create a detailed profile, you’ll be matched with relevant scholarship opportunities you may have never uncovered otherwise.

The key to maximizing your success on Fastweb is treating the scholarship application process as a part-time job. Set aside dedicated time each week to search for new scholarships, read requirements thoroughly, and submit thoughtful, polished applications. Persistence is critical – even if you face rejection on some scholarships, continue applying again and again each year.

Applying for scholarships through Fastweb’s centralized platform provides excellent real-world experience in areas like personal branding, writing persuasively, meeting deadlines, and standing out from a crowd. Even if you don’t win every award you apply for, you’ll gain invaluable skills in marketing yourself that will serve you well in your future career.

With billions of dollars available annually and an ever-growing database of opportunities big and small, Fastweb is an essential tool for any student motivated to earn free money for college. By utilizing this robust platform and following a strategic, persistent approach, you’ll increase your chances of earning scholarships and making your academic goals more affordable. The investment of time is incredibly worthwhile when it pays off with helping fund your education dreams. Make Fastweb an integral part of your scholarship strategy to position yourself for success!